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Is a voluntary  grouping of people registered as non-governmental, non partisan, non profit  sharing with its bases at grass root level with a view of enhancing  socio-economic, cultural and environmental development.  Founded by the Ms Lusako Alphonce Mwakiluma in July 16, 2012 in Morogoro.
The main goal of the organization is to improve the  life standard of women, girls and other vulnerable children through promoting them to access to education, health service: adolescent and sexual reproductive and capacity building for economic, social, education empowerment.
Our offices  in Morogoro region are located by now at Sabasaba Ground – Uwanja wa Taifa Ward.

The postal address of the Trust:
Wezesha Trust Fund,
P.O Box 6156,
Email address: wezesha2013@gmail.com

Despite Tanzania Country efforts to improve social economic status for people still poverty still  remain  a major challenge especially for the majority of women and children living in the rural part of Tanzania.  They lack access to post primary education, preventive and curative sexual reproductive and health services and technical and financial assist for socio-economic and professional advancement. As a result, they become vulnerable to chronic poverty indicated by high maternal and infant deaths, early pregnancy, sexual transmitted infections including HIV and AIDS and income poverty.

Wezesha Trust Fund joins other NGO’s that serve the interest of women and young and children.  The trust has a strategic plan to make significant contributions to Tanzanian women and their families through working closely with the government and donors.

Wezesha Trust Fund overall objective is to improve social economic advancement of women, girl vulnerable children in Tanzania by increasing access to education, maternal, newborn health and sexual reproductive health servicing including HIV and AIDS.

The organization is focusing in achieving the following specific objectives.

·        To work hand in hand with other  stakeholder to fight against  HIV/AIDS Malaria Tuberculosis
·        To provide home based care and support to victims  of malpractices HIV/AIDS
·        To assist orphans, vulnerable children, widows the elderly, youths and the homeless to achieve  a better life stand
·        To improve the livelihoods of Tanzanians through IGA  (Income Generating Activities)
·        To accept gifts, grants, subscriptions and donations under conditions acceptable to WEZESHA TRUST Fund
·        To establish relationships with foreign or local  bodies which have  objectives similar to those of the WEZESHA TRUST FUND
·        To provide relationships with foreign or local bodies which have  objectives similar  to those of the  WEZESHA TRUST FUND
·        To provide preventive and curative health services
·        To undertake  any legitimate  activity for the purpose of attaining  the objectives of WEZESHA TRUST FUND
·        To encourage  self disclosure  on HIV/AIDS status in Tanzania
·        To provide training, seminars workshops to beneficiaries  on entrepreneurship and fund management
·        To train older people as per educators for prevention campaign and programs and serve as peer counselors
·        To develop home – based care for older careers, programs providing support and skills training on HIV/AIDS protection, care and treatment to older careers
·        To ensure sustainability  of the projects, programmed activities, help to introduce peoples participation and self reliance in project areas.
·        To assist women get access to and benefit from trees/forests and to increase general awareness about environmental problems and to solve them
·        To promote CHILD/Human Rights
·        To create awareness, encouragement and empowerment
·        To share information, knowledge, experience with other stakeholders
·        To promote gender equity and equality
·        To network with other stakeholders in order to further the objectives for which WEZESHA TRUST FUND was founded
·        To reduce poverty among women  and disadvantaged groups
·        To conduct entrepreneurship courses, seminars workshops for women in particular
·        To conduct researches
·        To assist orphans, widows their families obtain better social services, (education Healthcare, water and shelter)
·        To search for fund and provide capital  to widows and girls who in one way or another lack qualifications for formal employment
·        To sponsor formal education for widows and girls  and ensure them with sources of income  by providing  capital or employment opportunities
·        To search job opportunities field attachment and volunteer vacancies and  invest in provision of social services like Hospitals, schools, hostels, schools buses, colleges and  restaurants near schools and colleges for the purposes of creating employment  opportunities for the unprivileged
·        Support vulnerable higher learning students with accommodation and meals allowance.

The organization operates through four Units:
Health Promotion
Women Empowerment
Girl Child Education

Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVC)
Older people
Life skills to all people

Envision  communities as partners working together for socio-economic  sustainability.

To ensure that communities  get entrepreneurship education in order to reduce  poverty  looming among families.

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